Attracted by the world of photography since he was a teenager, Demis explored a miriad of other artistic forms before coming back to his real passion: photography.

Expression of a duality

The strength of his work lies in its ability to graphically express the light and dark side of human beings, the opposing forces that drive us all, that we pull us in one direction or another. Natural landscapes help express this need to make choices, to let go of the past in to embrace a future that one can’t anticipate. Natural settings accentuated by the filters on his camera develop this ideas further.

One doesn’t remain indifferent to his artwork. Some surprise the viewer, others might even upset him/her. One can ask oneself what the meaning of some of the photos is, but maybe one needn’t try to find a meaning. The emotions one feels when viewing the photos are unique but ones understanding of his photographs will be multiple.

Cinematic writing & power of words

One of Demis’ photos is an instant cut from a film span. It takes us into a story of which we know neither the beginning nor the end and opens the door to our imagination by inviting us into a world created by the strength of our emotions. The viewer is sucked into a fantasy world where reality flirts with mystery.

The titles Demis gives his photos are often complex or obscure. They interact with the photo and create an illusion, like a kaleidoscope. If the word is written, it is also read and heard. The titles can be read in order to understand the meaning of the pictures but they can also be sung, a melody that transcends the meaning of the image. They shine a new, different light on the photo, as a second camera would, a vision of the same object from a distance.

The readings of his images are manifold since they involve all our senses ; our sight, our hearing when reading the title, but also our ability to create a fragrant and tactile world according when viewing the images showing nature, cold, wind, rough, wet and soft surfaces... It is a universe that Demis offers us, his universe, complex, haunting, sometimes frightening or even touching.

Myriam MEYER

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